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its looking fab, loving what your producing wish I was that talented

OMG...this is my FAVOURITE!!! (so far ;)
much more my kinda thing...and so pretty!
i'm curious about the clear gesso...does it add any kind of texture of shine to the work? or does it dry completely flat and matt? Can you use it like a top coat too?

thanks angie... it's a steep learning curve but i'm loving every minute!
anita it brushes on slightly opaque but dries completely clear. totally matt with a slightly gritty texture. not sure about using as a top coat.
you're definately a godess student rather than a petite!

omg Maria - that face is totally lifelike....im no where near that standard!
Its funny you coming to my blog today, so I hunted you down and saw all your dollies and our angel star thing is obviously a suzi blu influence..... copy cats - what we looking at?!! lol
you really have the knack for it! Its a shame I dont have the time for it!

infairness you got talent on this ;P

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